"Pain" Demo

by Misfortune

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Recorded at Dead Air Studios on 1/6/13


released January 7, 2013




all rights reserved


Misfortune Holyoke, Massachusetts

Justin - Vocals
Kane - Guitar
Keith - Bass
Will - Drums

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Track Name: Fading
Fell out of love with the world
now all i feel is hate
Trying to fill this void
but now my souls at stake

I'm in despair
but I don't care
this worlds a mess
its not a place thats fair
run and run just to fall
vie given up
why not take it all

I've been left all alone
and i cant fucking take it
Track Name: Grievance
It doesn't help
that you're always around
and it doesn't help
you just bring me down
because of you
I feel just pain
every step I take
you drift further away

I don't see the point of this
the thousandth time
the walls felt my fist
my lifes a wreck
and you're to blame
its a waste of my time
trying to hide my shame

I'm fucking sick of this
it happens overtime
the wait of the world just restin
on this chest of mine
I got into this shit
because of people like you
now im outta this shit
cuz of people like you
i don't know what to do

you left me on my knees
Track Name: Solitary
broke down
and taken out
lyin face down
dirt in my fuckin mouth
pain is radiating
strength is dissipating
I'm dying here
its all because of you

so many times
I've felt like shit
so many times
that I've almost quit
im drowning here
and theres now hope
I'm dying here
I better cope

blood, sweat
and broken bones
who cares but me
when im all alone?
Track Name: Heavy Crown
I live my life
alone because of you
its like a living hell
I don't know what to do
and now this pain
lies like a heavy crown
from where I'm looking
theres nowhere to go but down

I don't wanna be free from these chains
happy here in hell even if pain remains

heaven is knowing you're never coming back for me
heaven is knowing you're never coming back

I don't wanna be free from these chains
happy here in hell even if pain remains
Track Name: Possessed
here in the dark with the spirit
I just wanna die
here in the dark with the spirit
I don't wanna be alive

hard for me
just to be
I'll give you my body
and you can live your life through me
Track Name: End Of The Rope
No longer happy
with the hand I'm dealt
I'm more distressed
than I've ever felt
I'm sinking down
to lowest depths
just to be found
noose around the neck

I'm at the end of the rope

tie the noose
slip it on
kick the chair
now im gone

end of the rope